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Wake Up To The Physician Diagnostics Advantage!

Our company is dedicated to furnishing physician practices and hospitals with a viable mechanism to provide a professional sleep diagnostic treatment program with minimal financial risk. We also consult with independent testing facilities to maximize the reimbursement of sleep studies.

Our company provides hospital-based and customized free-standing programs that are specific to your needs. Physician Diagnostics centers are established and maintained with the highest standards of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

We have recently added a proven program that will increase reimbursement for independent testing facilities!

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Advantages of Partnering with Physician Diagnostics:
Provides inexpensive methods of providing sleep monitoring
Opportunity for your facility to reduce current employee expense
Ability to manage a changing market with little or no risk to the contracting facility
Significant reduction in current fixed costs
Positions your sleep lab for the future
Increased reimbursement for testing facilities

 Physician Diagnostics & Your Facility... A Winning Partnership!

The Sleep Disorders Centers by Physician Diagnostics has an established, proven turn key program which enables your hospital or practice to profit from this largely ignored, yet important, area of medicine. Also, partnering with us allows you to retain your patients, instead of referring them to another facility.

We Are Proud To Offer:
Professional support including clinical management

Tailor-made services to benefit your facility

Cafeteria pricing for specific customization
Successful, proven marketing strategy

Achieving high patient and physician satisfaction is a way of life for Physician Diagnostics professionals. 

Physician Diagnostics is Dedicated to
Helping Your Patients Sleep Better!
Physician Diagnostics is Dedicated to Helping Your Patients Sleep Better!


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